Relocating to Waterloo Region? Where are the best schools in Kitchener Waterloo (2013)?

Waterloo Region school rankings

Waterloo Region school rankingsThe Waterloo Region school rankings are out!

Every year I keenly await the Fraser Institute’s ranking of schools in Kitchener Waterloo.  If you are relocating to Waterloo Region or just moving across town, buying a house near a good school is important for two reasons.

1). Like attracts like. A better school gives your child a positive and challenging learning environment. Better schools are better funded too.

2). Homes near good schools appreciate at a better than average rate and are easier to resell when the time comes to move again.


Schools and neighbourhoods are not equal

We like to believe in Canada that we are all equal, one school and neighborhood is pretty much the same as another. We are brought up to be very egalitarian. It’s a Canadian thing, but we all know that there are certain neighbourhoods in every town and city, including Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge that we wouldn’t feel comfortable walking through at midnight on a Friday night. Conversely, there are certain neighbourhoods that quietly “have it all” and offer comfortable lifestyles and progressive outlooks.


Where are the best schools in Waterloo Region (2013)?  

Top 10 schools in the region:

1. Laurelwood, Waterloo: 9.7. Last year: 8.6.

2. Our Lady of Lourdes, Waterloo: 9.1. Last year: unavailable.

3. St. Mark, Kitchener: 8.8. Last year: 6.0.

4. L’Harmonie, Waterloo: 8.3. Last year: unavailable.

5. St. Joseph, Cambridge: 8.0. Last year: 5.9.

6. Sir Edgar Bauer, Waterloo: 7.9. Last year: 6.8.

7. St. Nicholas, Waterloo: 7.8. Last year: 7.9.

8. St. Agnes, Waterloo: 7.8. Last year: 7.8.

9. St. Luke, Waterloo: 7.8. Last year: 7.3.

10. St. Jacobs, St. Jacobs: 7.7. Last year: 8.7.


Statistical reporting

Just like real estate statistical reporting, where they compare this month’s average sale price or number of homes sold to last month’s, I think it’s best to take a longer term look at the rankings. Fraser Institute allows you to do this. Here, for example is the sort for Waterloo schools over the past five years.

Top Waterloo schools


The definitive guide to Kitchener Waterloo schools, homes and neighbourhoods

I am currently putting together a book called “The definitive guide to Kitchener Waterloo schools, homes and neighborhoods”. What school and neighborhood are you interested in? If you like this post and have a suggestion or request for another school and neighborhood, please email me here.

Sheppard Public School and its East Ward neighbourhood: here

Empire Public School and its Westmount neighborhood here.

Laurelwood here.

Brigadoon here.

Mary Johnson  here.

Sandhills Public School and its Highland neighbourhood here.

Where are the good and bad neighbourhoods in Kitchener Waterloo? here


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