16 easy ways to save money this winter on your heating costs and electrical bills

snowy winter
save money this winter

It’s getting colder, if your furnace hasn’t already kicked on for the first time of season, it won’t be long until it does. And with winter on the way, we will all be spending more time indoors. With that in mind, we want our homes not only to be as comfortable as possible, but also as efficient. So let’s look at some things we can do right now to make those two things happen.

Some of these things are cheap and easy. Others are more of an investment that will pay you back over the long run.

Save your money

16 ways to save money on your heating costs and hydro bills this winter

  1. Change all your lights to use LED bulbs
  2. Use timers and sensors on lighting so they are on only when needed. 
  3. Do your laundry in the evening or on weekends. Hang your laundry instead of using the dryer
  4. Use cold water when doing laundry
  5. Turn the thermostat down one or two degrees. 
  6. Wear slippers, and a sweater. 
  7. Install a programmable or a smart thermostat to keep the temperature low when possible
  8. Consider buying new windows
  9. Use weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors
  10. Open up your window coverings and let the sun warm your home during the daytime
  11. Keep you curtains closed at night to keep the heat in
  12. Check on the insulation in the attic. It is always worth it to add more.
  13. Get your furnace tuned up
  14. Change your furnace filters once a month
  15. Change your old appliances to newer, more energy efficient ones
  16. Monitor your hydro usage and look for ways to reduce it.    

First winter in new home 

If this is your first winter in your new home, you may have purchased it in the spring and moved in during the summer. Don’t wait until the first cold snap before checking the following: 

  1. Run the furnace to ensure it is working efficiently 
  2. Know where to turn off (or on), the furnace, the water heater and the hydro. 
  3. Check your smoke CO2 alarms 

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