Advantages to selling in the Autumn

Sell your home in autumn

Although Springtime is widely believed to be the best time to sell your home, there are several advantages to selling in the Autumn. I can think of four great advantages.

Five advantages to selling in the Autumn

1. Curb Appeal Autumn Cornucopia

In the autumn, you have a lot to work with to help accent your curb appeal. There are Thanksgiving Day themed accessories including pumpkins and other gourds for your front porch or back patio. Or you can have some fun with some halloween decorations. Make it memorable for your visitors — and there will be lots of visitors out trick or treating! Of course the fresh crisp air, the autumn leaves and maybe adding some Autumn potted plants to the front porch will look nice.

2. Your target demographic will be looking

Although most families with school aged children will want to be moved in for September, life happens. Some families have relocated into the region or neighbourhood during the summer. Their kids have just begun school and now they are actively looking. 

Also, families with children do not necessarily make up the majority of home purchasers. Young professionals, down-sizers, single people and childless couples are out searching. 

3. Autumn is the second most popular season

I’ve long thought that the first month of the year should be September. After the summer holidays are done with and routine life resumes, many home buyers who suspended their searches return to the home buying market in earnest in the Autumn. The Autumn real estate market is a mini-spring market after the typical slumping mid-summer slowdown and the pause that happens coming into the Christmas holidays and continuing into January. 

4. Serious buyers

Buyers who really want to buy are out shopping in the Autumn. Perhaps they started in the late spring and paused during the summer slowdown. Now they are getting serious and would like to be in their new home before Christmas. The average homebuyer needs to see 16 homes and usually takes 60-90 days to find the one they want to buy. If the summer market has been slow, they will be in a buying mode.

5. Less competition

It is hard to stand out when there are hundreds of homes on the market in the spring time. The volume of inventory is much lower in the fall. This is your chance to stand out. Instead of being a little fish in a big pond, you can be a little fish in a little pond! 

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