In terms of bacon, KW spends more than average


Bacon makes everything better. Right?

Bacon. There should be a song about it. It should be its own food group. We could have a parade in its honour.

It is almost as Canadian as maple syrup, and poutine. And, it is often in close proximity to both.

Bacon in Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo

In terms of bacon, Kitchener Waterloo spends 20% more than the national average on it. We are not obsessed with it like Calgary, Edmonton and St.Johns. There, they spend an average of about $70 a year on bacon.

Here in Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo we spend $59 a year.

The national average is $49 a year.

Bacon is not just for Breakfast.

Bacon for the social economist

In terms of spending, the average Canadian household spends about 1% of their grocery budget on bacon. There is a strong purchase correlation with cake and other flour-based mixes (like pancake mixes), breakfast sausages, rolls and buns, margarine, and chocolate bars (ah yez). A negative purchase correlation exists with bacon and most vegetables, seafood and fancy cheeses.

Some unexplained bacon correlations include a high correlation with visits to the vet, satellite TV, owning trucks and SUVs, and giving to charities. A picture is starting to emerge?

For completion, a negative bacon creation exists between bacon and public transportation, private schools, and driving lessons.

Bacon is not just for Breakfast.


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