Eleven feng shui tips for your home

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The best feng shui for a house is south. The second best is east.

A few weeks ago, I had a Chinese family come to my open house. They asked me which direction the house was facing. “East”, I said, and then remembering my iphone has a compass, I pulled it out of my pocket and determined the house orientation was more like east-south-east.

I could be wrong, I’m no geomancer but having lived in Asia for a decade, I do know few things about feng shui.

What is feng shui?

That’s a hard question to answer. It’s about the balance and flow of energy. Feng means wind, shui means water. It’s about wind and water.

Just like the “law of attraction”, and “the secret”, feng shui is important because good feng shui will bring positive energy and good fortune, bad feng shui will attract bad energy and bring bad luck. Energy is called chi.

Feng shui tips for your home.

The front door is very important. It should not be blocked by trees or bushes; it should be clearly visible from the street.

The entranceway to your home should not be narrow and constricted; it should be open and inviting. It cannot be cluttered with shoes or newspapers, or the recycling box.

If your garage door is on the side of your house, this is best as it won’t be competing with the front door for dominance.  I could do a whole post just about the front door.

It should be in good repair and painted a different color from the house. The intention of the front door is to welcome money, health and good fortune into your home.

Two more things about the front door: Inside the front door, there shouldn’t be stairs leading directly to the second floor. It’s not good to be able to see the back door from the front door. These two things make it easy for chi to flow out.

The bedroom should not have a TV. If you must have one, it should be covered with a blanket or cloth when not in use. Inside a cabinet is good too.

Above the bed there should not be a light fixture or a beam. They cause chi to be pressured, causing more stress in your life.

There should be no mirror in the bedroom. Mirrors attract third parties into your relationships.

In the kitchen, the stove should not be across from the fridge, dishwasher or sink. Fire and water clash causing your family to have disagreements.

Do not buy a red sofa. Red represents fire. A red sofa will bring you heavy work pressure and other troubles.

Having a fish tank or a water fountain in your home is good. Chi rides on the wind looking for a place to stay. Water is a good place; its calm, its cool, it’s refreshing.

Feng is wind.

Shui is water.

There’s a lot more.

Feng shui is generally about balance and the flow of energy.



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