Porch popularity up, decks down


At this time of year, I crave my front porch. I miss it. I call it my summer office and I’m sure my neighbours think I rarely work, ‘cause I’m out there most of most days once the weather warms up. I start my day with a cup of coffee on the front porch and I often finish my day there too. I’m on the phone and the internet. I’m doing offers and writing blog posts.

It is really great having a front porch. I know my neighbours and they know me. When it rains, I stay dry. When its sunny, I don’t get burnt.

Turns out I’m not alone in my love of porch-sitting. According to Realtor Magazine, porches have become more and more common on new homes over the past decade. And, they are increasingly popular with new homebuyers. With that in mind, according to Census Bureau’s survey of construction data, 64% of single family housing starts in 2015 included a porch, whereas only 23% included a deck. (Realtor Magazine is a US publication so these statistics are American.)

At the same time, decks are declining slightly in popularity.

Personally, I prefer a patio to a deck but I suppose that decision might ultimately be decided by elevation.

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