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Every 11th day, at 8am in the morning, subscribers receive my email newsletter. I do nothing. My email newsletter software automatically grabs whatever blog posts I have done in the past eleven days and puts them into a newsletter for anyone who has subscribed to get it. Currently there are 121 subscribers.

The newsletter has a view rate of about half and an engagement rate of about half of that again. I recognize a few of the email names on the list. Some are clients and past clients. Some are future clients.

The newsletter has a zero bounce rate as subscribers sign themselves up. They can opt in and out whenever they want.

I use Go Daddy for this service. They are my web hosting company. It was simple to set up. I did it a year ago in September and that was that. The number of subscribers has been slowly growing for the past 13 months; one, ten, 42, 87, 101, 113, 121…

I used to have an email newsletter at Mail Chimp and that was ok. A lot of Realtors use Constant Contact, but what they tend to do is dump all of their ever changing database into the platform and then send out greetings at Thanksgiving, Easter and sometimes, maybe twice a year to remind their clients to change their clocks.

Fall back.

Spring ahead.

I subscribe to a dozen newsletters. Most of them are daily. I don’t always read all of them, but I like having the news and opinions sent to me. It is like facebook used to be. Facebook used to serve up the stuff you signed up to see.

Most of us have figured out how to put filters on our mailboxes. Or have separate email accounts for different reasons. The newsletters I subscribe to, go into a special folder, they don’t come to my phone. I don’t need to go to a special website or mobile app.

Email, when you think about it is actually the original social media

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