What is the hardest thing about selling a house?

selling a house

Selling a house is easy, right?

This year we are experiencing a seller’s market in KW. We have fewer listings than ever and more sales. This year, I like to say, that a monkey could sell a house, (and many do). But selling a house for the home seller is not an easy thing to do sometimes. For different sellers, they find different challenges.


You have to give it up. You don’t know when the offer is gong to come. You don’t even know when the buyers will come. Will your open house be overrun? Will you get one hour’s notice before a showing? Will the offer give you till the end of the day to respond? Selling a house is like the game show, the Price is Right and you are suddenly the contestant. Come on down.

Dealing with Realtors

This is sometimes the first point (above). You may think you know how to sell a house, but realtors do it everyday and our advice is based on lots of experience. Sometimes you will have to agree to disagree.

Also, the cooperating Realtors are working for their clients, not for you. They are not helping you sell your house. They are helping their clients buy your house.


Dealing with the truth

Most people hate the truth. You can’t handle the truth. We would much rather live in our own perfect worlds. You live on a busy street. You priced your house too high. You have a stinky dog. The 1970s called and they want your kitchen back. The truth hurts.


Getting out

If you have a pet or a baby. If you work from home. If you enjoy a nice relaxing life, all that ends as soon as the sign goes on the lawn. Potential buyers want to see your home and they don’t want to see you in it. Getting out to hang around the mall again or Tim Hortons or even just for a long walk has to happen on their time. Not yours.


Cleaning up

Your house has to be spotless and clutter free. Repairs have to be made. Think have to be kept neat and tidy.  How you sell a house is not how you live in a house.



You have to let go. You may love the place. Your children may have grown up there. You may have spent lots of time in the garden. But it is time to go. Have a good cry and then move on, eh? Its just a house.

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