10 reasons investment in Kitchener Waterloo real estate is a good idea


There are more than 10 reasons investment in Kitchener Waterloo real estate is a good idea. Here are the top ten:

  1. With great companies Kik, Netsuite, Blackberry, Google, AE, Desire to Learn, Open Text, and dozens of others as well as literally hundreds of startups and the Liberal Governments plan to spend $17.4 billion on infrastructure in the next four years Prime Minister Justine Trudeau has recently commented that Kitchener and Waterloo are on the cutting edge of the global economy.
  2. $818 million is being invested into the LRT line (opening next year), which will connect the core communities of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge.
  3. Plans to extend GoTrain to all-day two-way Kitchener-Toronto service. Currently there is twice a day service – two trains to Toronto every morning and two trains home every night. The plan is to double this to four trains a day within the next five years. This means we will be adding two trains coming into Kitchener Station every morning and leaving for Toronto every evening.
  4. Our local real estate market is described as being stable with continued growth. Sales volumes are up year over year. Prices are up year over year. Our market isn’t crazy like Toronto or Vancouver. It is more like Ottawa’s or Hamilton’s.
  5. Rental vacancy rates are 2.7%
  6. Is is still possible to buy a cash positive income generating property for less than $400,000. Many GTA real estate investors are looking at and investing in Kitchener Waterloo.
  7. The average price of a single detached house is near $400,000.
  8. Condos, townhouses and semidetached are even more affordable.
  9. It’s a nice place to live. It’s close to Toronto, but not ‘Milton close’ if you know what I mean. I currently have some clients moving here from Milton because it has gotten so busy, transient and unfriendly.
  10. We have helpful real estate agents who will work with you so you can understand Waterloo Region’s unique geography and dynamics. Some of us sell, sell, sell. Others like me, help you buy a solid investment.

If you are serious about investing in real estate, email me now to set up a time that we can talk.


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