How many square feet do you need?

feet and inches

“How many square feet do you need?” If you are like me, fewer than you think.

There was a story yesterday about Toronto’s narrowest house being up for sale. Normally I don’t comment on human interest real estate stories that I read in the news. However this one captured my interest. The headline:

Narrowest detached house in Toronto is “Surprisingly Spacious,” and selling for $750K

It was the “surprising spacious” that I had to know more about. The house has an eight-foot wide frontage. How spacious can it be?

narrow Turns out the house is 1,000, square feet, hardly spacious by the standard of today’s houses, but also not bad in terms of today’s real estate in general, about the same size as the average two bedroom high-rise condo unit selling in Kitchener Waterloo. Also, some of Kitchener Waterloo’s smallest three bedroom homes, at just over 1300 square feet, are not much bigger. The feeling of spaciousness is also helped with the full windows front and back.


Would I live here?

A question I often ask myself when touring houses with clients is, “Would I live here?” In this case the answer is “yes”.

However, the house isn’t exactly a steal. It is listed at $750,000. Knowing that, my answer is still “yes” with an qualifier, “if money were no option”.


And speaking of square footage 

Rejoice, rejoice homebuyers of KW. In September, your local realtors are shifting over to a new real estate platform with a veritable and indubitable cornucopia of new features, benefits, buttons, options, menus, whizz bang ways to slice and dice real estate data (it’s all about the data), and as part of this shift, we are required to add square footage to our listings. Finally, real estate agents and the home shopping nerds among us, will have one key piece of somewhat useful information to use perhaps as a benchmark, a sorting feature, or whatever.

Basements not included.



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