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Websites come and go.

And some evolve.

Over the Christmas holidays, besides putting a new jacket on this one, I updated and changed the scope of my (real estate) news website. I changed it’s goal, lightened its mood and broadened its appeal.

I needed a place to write about:

1) Local issues that are somewhat real estate related. Everything is real estate related to a Realtor.

2) Real estate issues that are interesting to me. I want to share inside knowledge about the industry. I want to rant sometimes about what could be better and how we can get there.

3) What’s happening on in Waterloo Region. What’s its like to live here. This is the fun part.


KW News & ViewsHow it began – The News

Early last year I decided to start a second real estate site to highlight and discuss the news. I needed a place to talk about local issues affecting real estate. I didn’t want to water down with too much opinion and non-mainstream helpful real estate blogging. I want to keep a helpful and uncluttered real estate blog. As stated above, to a Realtor most everything is related to real estate, but people visiting are mostly interested in finding answers to their immediate questions. Talking about Waterloo’s municipal election or a local real estate agent that got his licensed revoked isn’t relevant to them. They might care, but likely not much.


Part Two – Things to do

For almost three and a half years I wrote for 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo. There, the daily post would feature a place to go, an event to attend, a coffeeshop, a restaurant, a festival… It was a fun way for me to show what it is like to live here.

I started it because I often heard “there’s nothing to do here”. I stopped writing that daily blog post because I think I proved my point. After more than 1200 posts – there is lots to do here.


kitchener waterloo real estate news websiteKitchener Waterloo Real Estate News – news and views from KW

Kitchener Waterloo News and Views. What’s happening in Waterloo Region.

This is very exciting. My new site is a mash up of those two ideas above and more. I love to share what I find interesting when out and about or when I’m surfing the web. So besides the news and my views on the news, you’ll find

1) pictures of local spots and events – like the hoar frost earlier this week. That was beautiful and horrible.

2) links to local videos – like the skateboarding physicist, and

3) other random stuff – local people, bloggers, links and websites.


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