November Newsletter – Can you sell your home using a smart phone app?

newsletter pictureIt was a very busy September and October. House and condo prices are up and so were the number of units sold. It is still very much a seller’s market. Everything, it seems that gets listed for sale, is quickly sold.


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Where are the best 9 places to invest in Kitchener Waterloo?

I work with a lot of real estate investors. What’s interesting is two things – that they tend to be young (in their 20’s) and they tend to be from out of town.


What do you need to know about buying from the builder?

Dealing with a builder is completely different than dealing with a regular resale seller (and his agent). The process is different. The forms are different. The timelines are different. The balance of power is different.


Sell your home using an app

The disruption that is coming to the real estate business does not bypass the agent. Real estate agents are the feet on the street, the knowledge knowers and the information holders. Software developers should build apps to help realtors do their jobs.


Who won the election? The residents of Waterloo did. 

The voters of Waterloo and of Waterloo Region are pretty smart bunch. The anti-LRT candidates who were overwhelmingly defeated were too late to reverse the progress. They were bucking the trend and they were yesterday’s candidates.





Rambling back from Inverhaugh

In this video I talk about living in the country – Frankly I don’t like the country. I ramble a bit doubt recent real estate statistics and what’s important to selling houses. It’s not glossy magazines and newspaper advertisements. Finally I talk about TheRedPin, my new brokerage.


Uptown Traffic

The construction of the LRT has begun. For all of us, this is going to mean changes in the traffic patterns. For me this morning, it means half of Waterloo Region is driving by my home in UpTown Waterloo.


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