May Newsletter: 7 reasons Kitchener Waterloo doesn’t suck and other news


More and more buyers still waiting for the sellers to list. This in my monthly newsletter

It’s still a seller’s market in Kitchener Waterloo. It is not getting better. It’s actually getting worse. The number of potential home buyers keeps building up and the number of new listings is down, down, down. The result is bidding wars, houses selling for over asking price and in days or hours not weeks and months. It is a great time to sell but I hope you have somewhere to go.

Having said that, it’s not all bad. Alasdair and I had a busy month with a new listing (and subsequent sale) as well as helping three of our home buying clients buy three nice condos in three excellent locations.

7 reasons Kitchener Waterloo doesn’t suck, as the Cities Journal says we do.

Making the rounds on facebook and other social media recently is an article titled “Top 17 Cities and Towns to Move Away From In Canada”. It’s a bunch of crap, a real pants load, the story, the website, the presentation. I’m not happy because both Kitchener and Waterloo are on the list. I love my chosen city (cities). I don’t like it when they get bad press, especially this kind of misinformed, erroneous, attention-seeking post from a newly launched website that apparently is put together only to generate ad revenue for its small team of website developers who are not profession journalists, that’s for certain.

I haven’t even arrived in Asia yet and already I feel like Bob Harris.

I went again to China. So what? Who cares? It’s not a big deal. There are hundreds of thousands of people landing at Beijing’s airport every hour. It was an experience for me, sure enough, but one I’ve already had two times already. It old. It’s not exotic. It’s an experience, but an easily imagined one if you’ve ever travelled anywhere, or even if you haven’t if you’ve read any stories or seen any movies.

3 reasons why UpTown/North Ward is better than the Laurelwood neighbourhood

I like Laurelwood. It’s got modern houses, a great school and its near both nature and shopping. Laurelwood is a great place to raise a family. But suburbia isn’t for everyone. There is a big move across North America back to the cities. There are a lot of people who shun the suburbs, wanting to live closer to the urban core, where there are shops, galleries and parks, where the festivals happen, where the trees are higher than the houses. This blog post is about the Uptown/North Ward real estate area (0114) of Kitchener Waterloo.

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