Who is the best real estate agent (#1 Realtor) in Kitchener Waterloo?


#1 realtor in kwWho is the #1 Realtor in Kitchener Waterloo?

There are still some real estate agents in Kitchener Waterloo who like to have a big #1 somewhere in their advertising. #1 this and #1 that. Read the small print. #1 agent in my office in 2007. #1 Realtor as surveyed by my past clients (or my mom). #1 listing brokerage in Kitchener. #1 team in Waterloo Region. In the top 1% of all real estate agents nationwide. #1 real estate franchise in the world. Your #1 choice. #1 online resource…

First of all, who cares? #1 means first, not best. #1 means nothing if you don’t do a good job, if you’re a fraudster, a liar or a cheater. It terms of volume, McDonalds sells more hamburgers than other restaurants. Does that mean McDonalds has the best hamburgers? I don’t think so.

This kind of advertising claim, to me, seems so 1999.


 Buying the business

Newspaper and magazine advertising, buses and benches, billboards, postcards in your mailbox, radio ads…there are so many ways for real estate agents to advertise themselves. Advertising is meant to build familiarity and trust. Real estate agents want to be top of mind when consumers need them and they pay to be top of mind. Maybe their advertising should say #1 top of mind Realtor.

If you’re looking for an agent, a better way might be to ask your friends and colleagues. Find an agent that has demonstrated their ability, not spent their way to the top.


Truth and truthiness

A friend of mine recently told me a story about a house for sale in his Upper Beechwood neighbourhood. The agent advertises that all his listings sell in 60 days for 99% of asking price. At the 60 day mark, the sign out front of the house for sale was changed to another team member. I laughed. I’d never heard that one before. That’s a great way to protect your statistics. That’s truthiness. There is a lot of truthiness in business.

Then there was the agent that advertised that he would sell your house in 60 days or he’ll buy it himself. He’s since had his license revoked for fraud.

No obligation. “Free Home Evaluations” often leads to arm twisting.

“We sell a home every day”. Like McDonalds sells hamburgers.

And everyone “Sells more homes faster, and for more money”. There is no magic to real estate. It is what it is –> Using the knowledge you know and the information you have to do the best job you can. Nothing more.


The best

The best agents in my opinion are the ones that are quietly and consistently doing business around Waterloo Region. They don’t have to broadcast how great they are. They don’t have to employ sales tactics with enticing offers, or scare tactics. They are working the work. They are communicating with their clients and other realtors in a timely manner.


#1 in my book

According to the Kitchener Waterloo Association of Realtors’ website, Kitchener Waterloo has over 1100 members. Of those, I recognize about 20% of the Realtors. Some Realtors, I bump into on a regular basis, others I somewhat know – I see their signs, I show their listings, we co-operate when we can on bringing the goals of the sellers and buyers to fruition. The best real estate agents, the #1 agents in Kitchener Waterloo are the ones who in the true spirit of real estate work in the best interest of their clients to get the deal done.


Call to action

I wrote this post for anyone googling “Who is the best real estate agent (or who is the #1 Realtor) in Kitchener Waterloo?” If you’re reading this, it means it worked. I came up in your search. Good. Although the question is the wrong one, you must be asking it for a reason and that reason might be because you’re looking for a Realtor. I’m a Realtor. I believe the future of real estate is online by providing answers to questions most often asked. My goal is to take the stress and mystery out of the home buying and home selling process. I’m not #1 but I am a full time professional real estate agent providing professional service, timely communication and trusted advice.




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