Does anyone know a good handyman, plumber or electrician?

hammerAs a landlord, a homeowner and real estate agent, I’m often asked the questions, “Do you know a good handyman?”, “Do you know a good plumber?“ “Do you know a good electrician?” Do you know a good real estate lawyer, mover, flooring store…Even one time a total stranger (friend of a friend called me up and asked, “Do you know a good sushi restaurant in Kitchener?” I do. And, I’m always happy to share. When it comes to local contractors and local businesses, not only as a resident of Kitchener Waterloo, but as a friend of these businesses, I’m want to support them as much as I can. Their hard work and expertise must be rewarded with recommendations.


Matt at Inner Bay Renos

Matt is my handyman. He runs a business called Inner Bay Renos. Last spring, I was doing some work at 515 Weber Street North in Waterloo. It’s a two bedroom condo townhouse that I’ve owned for, I think, five years. It was in bad shape when I bought it, so after doing the surface stuff (new flooring on the main floor and paint throughout) back then I thought I’d redo the kitchen and bathroom this year. I also sanded down and re-stained the hardwood on the second floor and stairs. I do a lot of the work myself, but I know my limitations. I called Matt in to repair some drywall. He showed up on time, didn’t charge me too much and did a great job. I asked him if he’d help rebuild my front porch steps and build a gate. Again, he was awesome and now I’ve recommended a few jobs to him and everybody loves him. 519.208.3834


Lee Chalsles Plumbing

I helped Lee and his spouse find and buy a great house. During the process, I got to know and like Lee and when I had a plumbing job to do at my UpTown home, I called Lee. He’s a master plumber. He travels in a big white truck that has all kinds of tools and supplies inside. He shows up on time and does a great job. Last week, I recommended him to a young couple who just bought a house. Lee went by right away and solved their problem. They just loved Lee and by extension, they love me for  recommending him. Thanks for making me look good. 519.721.7102


Chris my electrician

I know a wonderful electrician – Chris. I can call him anytime if I’m out showing houses and have a question, he’ll have an answer. Last week I had an ESA inspection issue with an old fuse box, I told Chris I couldn’t fine the problem. Without missing a beat he told me I was looking for red fuse rejectors. How did he know that, I asked. “I’ve been doing this a long time”, he said.


I know a gas-fitter. He does HVAC as well. More and more houses are cooking with gas. We love our gas fireplaces and Bar-B-Qs too.

I have a favorite flooring store.

I know a good place for fancy lighting.

I like Benjamin Moore for paint…I have a good painter.

When I have a job done I always keep a copy of the company information in my telephone, so I can find them again when I need them.

Naturally, I know a mortgage guy, a home inspector, and a real estate lawyer. It’s important to me to be able to recommend clients and friends to people I know, like and trust.

If you trust my trust in these guys, I’ll happily recommend them to you too.




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