How will the LRT construction affect your commute time? What development is happening along the route?

the demolition crew

the demolition crewThis week’s weekend update looks at the LRT and commute times, and three locations in downtown Kitchener.


Commute times to get longer as LRT affects central roadways

The average commute time has gone up by about half in the past decade. In Waterloo Region, that means what would have taken 20 minutes in 2003, takes 30 minutes today.

Last week, an engineer who works on city contracts came to my open house at 130 Sydney Street. We discussed how disruptive the construction of the LRT will be and how long it will go on. I guess out commute times are going to get longer before they get shorter. Construction on the LRT has already begun. The city is moving gas and buried electrical lines.

I used to commute to Mississauga. That was more than a decade ago and it was terrible.

There are a lot of people living along Townline Road in Cambridge, Deer Ridge and Doon areas of Kitchener who still do. Homes are still cheaper in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge than in Guelph, Milton and Mississauga (in that order).

But what about this? There is a London blogger who claims it’d be cheaper to commute from Spain than live in his own city


Out with the old. In with the new


City Centre Condos finally begin construction

It seems like a long time coming (because it is) but the City Centre Condos will finally begin construction next week. If you’ve bought one you’ll be happy to know that you can begin living there (or renting it out) as early as Spring 2015.

Personally I’m not a big fan of condos or buying one sight-unseen, but this is a big and important project for downtown Kitchener. The two bedroom units start around $300,000.


Webco Sports closes after 77 years

I was driving down Victoria Street yesterday and I noticed that Webco Sport is closing up, going out of business. My first thought was “If only they could hold on for a few years. Their location will be right across from the intermodal transportation hub, where the LRT, GoTrain, Via, Greyhound, city buses will meet and exchange passengers.

According to the Record, Webco has been in operation for 77 years. Cindy Weber says she’s closing the store “out of pride”. Interesting article.


Where there were once mansions, condos.

After sitting empty for 25 years, condos are being planned for the chunk of land on Margaret Avenue (between Queen and Victoria). As my mom used to say, “when it’s gone its gone”. The mansions were torn down controversially and it’s been hard to move on. The developer is promising to build “a real jewel in the neighbourhood”. It better be good. It’s a great location.


Open house this weekend

I’ll be holding an open house on Sunday 2-4pm at our listing at 180 Sydney Street. It’s a good house in serious need of some updating. This location will do well when the LRT goes in. In fact, as far as neighborhoods go, this one might have the most appreciation doe to the LRT and Kitchener’s development plans south of cedar (to Ottawa).

On Saturday, I’m taking the day off to clean out my rain gutters and winterize my home.

Don’t forget to fall back.


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