Abraham Erb Public School serving Laurelwood, Columbia Forest and Laurel Creek Village

Abraham Erb Public School

Abraham Erb Public School  Abraham Erb Public School

Abraham Erb Public School is located at 710 Laurelwood Drive in Waterloo. The school serves part of the communities of Laurelwood, Columbia Forest and Laurel Creek Village. Most of the students walk to school. Only one bus services it.

Abraham Erb Public School opened in September 2005. The school is named after pioneer Abraham Erb (1772-1830), the founder of Waterloo. He was responsible for building Waterloo’s first schoolhouse in 1820, which has now been re-located to Waterloo Park.

Abraham Erb Public School has approximately 430 students enrolled in JK-6. After grade 6, students either attend Laurelwood Public School or Edna Staebler Public School for grades 7 and 8 and then Sir John A. MacDonald (SJAM) for grades 9-12. As of September, 2013, Abraham Erb Public School offers French Immersion to grade 3, with Full Day Kindergarten.


Fraser Institute 

Every year, the Fraser Institute ranks schools and hospitals across Canada. Last year Abraham Erb scores a 7.5/10 in Fraser Institute School Ranking. It is one of the top 10 schools in Waterloo Region District School Board, as well as one of the top 20 in Waterloo.



Abraham Erb Public School website

School Boundary Map 


Demographic source


Neighbourhood Demographic Information

This neighbourhood is made up predominately by 30-39 year olds with babies and young children living in a four to five person household. With a mix of college and university educations in behavioural sciences, engineering and business administration fields, they are developing careers as managers, educators professionals or technical experts. Incomes range $70,000 to more than $100,000.


Recent Sales Activity

Within 500 meters of school, 21 houses sold last year. The sale prices ranged from just over $300,000 to $615,000. The average sale value about $413,000 with a standard deviation of $105,000


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