What’s happening in Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate this week?

365 Kitchener Waterloo spike

Mountain LaurelWe sold our listing at 284 Mountain Laurel. The real estate in that Kitchener Waterloo neighborhood sure turns over fast. Listed to sold in about three weeks and for a fair price too. Activa is a popular neighborhood because it has it all. The way they put that neighborhood together is like a village within a city. Maybe this is the trend now.


Hogg Mechanical

My Q&A, “I have no heat. What should I check first?” published on Sunday and got a few reads, but then saw a flurry of activity yesterday after JR tweeted it. He’s connected to the local twitter tweeps, tweeple or whatever twitter addicts are called. It was a great test and it resulted in about 10% of the traffic to my website yesterday (9 visits). The learning for me is social media is very important for brining in website traffic.


365 Business Network

Our monthly meeting is next Tuesday. It’s probably going to be a big crowd. We have another realtor signed up to attend. We’ll see if he shows up. It’s funny to us that we have realtors following, friending on facebook and retweeting 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo and now networking too. Don’t they know this is part of our platform? Next year, I’m going forward with the original idea of starting my own real estate brokerage – The 365 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate Network Brokerage. (I’ll have to shorten the name).


The first 50 Rules about Real Estate50 Rules about Real Estate 

I’ve posted the first 50 Rules about Real Estate. “Don’t buy a problem house” is the best advice I have.


Comfree or Property Guys? Which is better?

I complied with a request to remove this post.


Flat Fees

After a lengthy discussion a few weeks ago with a fellow whose wife used to be a real estate agent and wanted to a mere listing with a local agent but wanted to do all the work themselves, I thought I should revisit the whole “breaking open of the MLS and the unbundling of real estate services. I posted, “Can I sell my house using an agent for a flat fee?” The answer is, “Yes”.


365 spike365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo

We saw the expected spike in traffic for Family Day. We usually average about 300 visits per day and saw double in the lead up to family day and then spike. It’s fun to watch this happen, but there were some pretty great events that day.



Another successful week.

If you have any questions, comments or  suggestions I can always be reached at kdmarshall@gmail.com and 519.729.4116.


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