When is the best time to get my home on the market?

KFC needs a drive thru

My Friday Real Estate Update

I’ve been busy this week, at home and in the office, trying to stay warm. It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten such a Sales is a contact sportserious blast of winter. For the record, I don’t like it. Not one bit. When I was in Victoria in October, I bought some really nice Darjeeling tea and I’ve been enjoying that by the pot-full most afternoons all week.


Advertising as a contact sport

I haven’t got any revelations about facebook or the sorry state of most real estate marketing this week except to say that I received a postcard in my mailbox that broke most of the RECO rules about real estate advertising (and there are many). But, the last time I complained to my broker and the board the result was lost time and effort. So the gloves are off. It’s time for vigilante justice. (I ripped it up and threw it in the fireplace).


Society is about eating and driving around

KFC needs a drive thruThe KFC on Highland Road closed down. I don’t know why I feel nostalgic. I never went there. However, I mention it because I assumed it closed because people have moved on, no longer eating fried foods (Have you seen McDonald’s menu?) but no, the KFCs are closing because people like drive-thru. I postulate that if we could find a cheaper and easier way to buy and sell real estate, we’d all be moving more often.


365 Rules about Real Estate

I have continued to post one real estate rule a day. I have an ongoing list here. It’s all going in the book and its all free. Most of it is just common sense, some of it clears up misconceptions and some of it is a peek behind the curtain. The book – 365 Rules about Real Estate is almost finished its final round of editing. It will certainly publish in time for the spring real estate market.


Peeking behind the curtain 

discussing commissionsI’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about marketing. I just love listing to podcasts. They are the only media I can enjoy while doing something else (like walking the dog, or cleaning up the kitchen). Anyway, I think I’ve been learning some pretty important stuff about creating content that get results and I’ve started a new series (Q&A) that will further help people understand the inner workings of real estate. My first post discusses the holiest of holies – commissions.


Why and how did the price of housing go up so fast?

I also posted a concise history of real estate in Canada covering the period 2004-2012. 


The definitive guide to Kitchener Waterloo schools, homes and neighbourhoods

Last week I wrote about the number one school in the Waterloo Region District School Board. Naturally it is in the best neighbourhood.


When is the best time to get my home on the market?

family dayThe unofficial start of the spring real estate market is family day. I read somewhere that the very best to list your home for sale is at the end of February.


Call to Action

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