Sandhills Public School and it’s Highland West neighbourhood

Sandhills Public School and it’s Highland West neighbourhood

Sandhills Public School and it’s Highland West neighbourhoodSandhills Public School is located at 1250 Victoria Street South in Kitchener. It opened in 2000 and now has over 700 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. The student population includes a stimulating mixture of different cultures and languages. Sandhills also hosts a French Immersion program.

Sandhills is part of the Imagine program, which promotes justice, respect, compassion, inclusiveness and equity.

In the past, the school as a whole has focused on cyber bullying, internet safety, valuing and celebrating our differences, and developing the character traits of flexibility, cooperation, responsibility, empathy, integrity and hope.

Sandhill’s code of behaviour:

Safety comes first

Act appropriately

Nurture nature

Do our best

Help each other

Include everyone

Love learning

Live above the line

Show respect

Before Kitchener was Kitchener it was Berlin. Before it was Berlin, the area was knows as Sand Hills. At the time of the pioneer settlement, Kitchener was a land abundant with dense bush, swamps and sand hills.

Every year, the Frazer Institute ranks schools and hospitals across Canada. Last year Sandhills scores a 7/10 in Fraser Institute School Ranking. It is one of the top 20 schools in Waterloo Region District School Board, and one of the top 5 in Kitchener

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Neighbourhood Demographic Information

The neighbourhood demographics feeding this school is a little more difficult to define that normally. Generally, the homes on the north side of Victoria Street represent a higher income bracket than those south of Victoria Street. The homes on the north side of Victoria street are much larger and this neighborhood is made up largely of business, financial, technical and health professionals aged 45-59. South of Victoria, the demographic is a little younger and does not enjoy such a high level of income. There is also a large Vietnamese community in this neighbourhood.


Recent Sales Activity

Within 500 meters of school 18 houses sold last year. The sale prices ranged from just under $300,000 to $515,000. The average sale value about $372,000 with a standard deviation of $67,000


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