Rule #2: Be rational, not emotional.

Rule #2

Rule #2: Be rational, not emotional Rule #2: Be rational, not emotional. Buying or selling a house can be a very emotional situation. For buyers, don’t fall in love with the house and just have to have it. In some neighbourhoods, a similar (or nearly exact) house is just around the corner and might come onto the market next week. If you’re selling a home, especially one where you’ve been for a long time, it’s hard to move on. My advice: move on.

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365 Rules about Real Estate is my ongoing series about buying and selling real estate. Every day this year, one rule will post here on my blog. The book 365 Rules about Real Estate is almost finished and I hope to publish in February. It covers: general rules about real estate, rules about buying real estate, rules about neighborhoods, rules about choosing a Realtor, rules about offers, rules about mortgages, rules about home inspections, rules about condos and new home construction, rules about moving, rules about getting ready to sell, rules about selling real estate, rules about open houses, rules about selling privately, rules about contractors and handymen, rules about attics, electrical, furnaces and air conditioners, fences, flooring, gardens and yards, home improvements and maintenance, bathrooms and kitchens, roofs and windows. My aim is to take the mystery and stress out of the home buying and selling process.

Rule #1: Rules are made to be broken.

Rule #3: The value of a house is set by the homebuyer.

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