Mary Johnston Public School and its Beechwood neighbourhood

Mary Johnston Public School and it’s Beechwood neighbourhood

Mary Johnston Public School and it’s Beechwood neighbourhoodMary Johnson Public School

Mary Johnson Public School is located at 475 Brynhurst Blvd in Waterloo’s Beechwood – Upper Beechwood neighborhood.  Mary Johnston Public School offers students a unique educational opportunity in a Junior Kindergarten to grade 6 school environment. (Grades 7 and 8 are at Centennial Senior Public School – another great school!).

Mary Johnston P.S. operates on a balanced school day consisting of two nutritional/activity breaks in which children have time to eat and time to play. Students receive many benefits from the balanced school day schedule including enhanced academic performance, balanced nutrition, physical activity, and more time for learning.

Mary Johnson Public School has a spacious gymnasium and stage area, a superb library facility and a well-equipped computer lab with internet access. Outside, there are extensive grounds comprised of two creative playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, as well as a tarmac area for hop scotch, four square and basketball.

Every year, the Fraser Institute ranks schools in Canada. Mary Johnson Public School is the top rated school in Waterloo Region.

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Neighbourhood demographic information 

Parents’ average income for students attending Mary Johnston Public School is $116,200. This is close to three times the national average.

This neighborhood is classified as “Urban Gentry” and is made up predominately by 45-59 year old married couples with school aged children living in single detached homes. Upper Beechwood is defined as an established cosmopolitain location. People living here generally have a good education (67% are college/university/post grad) in law, life science, technology and business and are employed as gold collar senior management or professionals in finance, health and arts and culture professions.

Homes in this neighbourhood have an average of 4.28 bedrooms, whereas the city average is 2.77. All of the homes are between 11 and 25 years old.


Recent real estate sales activity

Within 500 meters of the school, last year there were 29 houses sold ranging in value $300,000-$862,500. The average price was about $550,000 with a standard deviation of about $135,000.


The definitive guide to Kitchener Waterloo schools, homes and neighbourhoods

I am currently putting together a book called “The definitive guide to Kitchener Waterloo schools, homes and neighborhoods”. What school and neighborhood are you interested in? If you like this post and have a suggestion or request for another school and neighborhood, please email me here.

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