Highland Road KFC closed down

Highland Road KFC closed down

Highland Road KFC closed downI noticed the other day that the KFC on Highland Road closed down. I hadn’t eaten KFC for decades, but I still felt a little nostalgic. When I was growing up it was called Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Colonel was still alive when I was a boy – they’d wheel him out to wave at the TV audience at the end of all the ads. But then sometime in the 80‘s we all got so healthy that any business with “fried” in it’s name was doomed to be ostracized. We collectively banished “Kentucky Duck” from our diet.

At least that’s what I thought.

But according to this article in the Record, the reason the KFCs are closing down is because they don’t have drive-thru facilities. THe KFCs that do have drive-thru, do about half of their business that way.

It makes sense. A bucket of KFC is a take out meal, not a sit down meal. What’s interesting is that’s the way it’s always been. What’s changed is society. We are not getting out of our cars to buy Tim Horton’s coffee, egg McMuffins or KFC anymore. We prefer the convenience and time-saving of not doing this.

I’m always thinking about real estate and how it’s changed over the past decade. The information on houses is much easier to find these days but we are still doing business much like we did. We (Realtors) still make showing requests through the office. We still have to physically deal with the keys, the paperwork and most importantly the data – (what is the correct market price for this house?).

The Internet with sites like Travelocity decimated the travel agency business. Amazon killed Barns and Noble. Itunes and torrents killed the music store and CDs. I wrote last week that you can’t buy a house on the internet (Rule #17). There should be a better way to buy and sell real estate and it should be cheaper, but that formula hasn’t been found yet and until it is, the one thing we’ve learned from KFC is make it convenient – make it easy to buy (Rule #243).


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