Does your home stand out?

Does your home stand out?

Does your home stand out?Amazing is one of the most overused words today. I looked it up just now in my thesaurus thinking that there has got to be a better word, a new to use for the same purpose that maybe we can replace amazing with.

This is what I found. Amazing is an adjective that means awesome (another overused word), stunning and/or sensational – great ways to describe your home whether or not it is for sale (so long as it’s true).

But what’s a better word?

It’s extraordinary! Beyond ordinary. Extraordinary is remarkable and exceptional. Your house is unique, it’s extraordinary and that’s remarkable. That’s extraordinary sounds a lot more special than that’s amazing. Amazing is boring. Today, the one sure way to fail is to be boring. Your one chance for success is to be remarkable. You can’t be ordinary. You have to be extraordinary.


So how do you make your home stand out? 

With pictures, lots of them. Homebuyers expect and demand a dozen or more pictures. You have to have a great one of the front of your home as your main picture. People can decide in mere seconds whether or not they want to live in a house based solely on curb appeal! Why waste everyone’s time, trying to stand out with say, a picture of your swimming pool and backyard if you don’t have the curb appeal to back it up?

But there’s more. Kitchens sell houses. Have two or three kitchen pictures. Bathrooms sell houses too. But pictures of bathrooms are hard to take (unless your bathroom is enormous.) What I’m saying is tell your story with pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I always say – because I believe it to be true – that buying a house is a process of elimination. Don’t get eliminated by not having enough pictures or by having the wrong pictures. It’s your chance to remarkable and to stand out.

One more thing. It’s a good idea to take pictures of the street and the school and the nearby park or shops or whatever it is that defines your neighbourhood.

When home buyers are searching (on the MLS – where else?) you will stand out by telling your story.

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