52 Books

52 books

52 booksI decided to read a book a week this year. It’s a lofty goal but I think I can do it. I’ve got my library cards, my ebook reader and my account at Amazon. I’ve also got a list of book started, on hold and pending.

My first book of the year I started over the Christmas holiday, needing a head start for 52 books.

six pixels of separation1. Six Pixels of Separation

What I think? I should have read this book when it first came out. It’s kind of the granddaddy of all internet marketing books.

What’s it about? The new way of marketing is personally engaging, agile and rich in information.

What’s my key takeaway? Provide the answers with good content even if you have to ask the questions yourself.

Good Quote: Don’t blog to get known. Blog to be knowable.

What else? Blog about things that at hot and trending. Google will reward you.

Set up listening stations so you know first.

My second book was more serious and not as fun to read.

52 Rules of Thumb2. 52 Rules of Thumb

What I think? This book had some great insight but was too much of a “management” book for my liking. It was too long too. I skimmed it and skipped around.

What was it about? Leaders have to find new ways of leading. They have to get out from behind their desks, take their businesses apart and put them back together again.

What’s my key takeaway? Business is simple. Overtime it gets complicated. Make it simple again.

Good quote: The difference between crisis and opportunity is when you learn about it.

What else? Write ideas down. Thoughts are clarified by working them out on paper.

The third book was a mistake.

4-hour body3. The 4-Hour Body

What I think? If you pay this much attention to your body, you cannot help but get a better body.

What’s it about? Break all the traditional rules about diet and exercise and you will be rewarded with less body fat and more muscle

What’s my key takeaway? Become a freak and get a great body.

Notable quote: Please don’t be stupid and kill yourself.

What else? There was too much pseudo science in this book. A lot of people were talking about this book online but obviously i’m not part of this tribe. Please don’t be stupid and read this book. I only read about 20% of this book.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give book number four a 6. It was interesting but not absorbing or delightful.

sway4. Sway – The irresistible pull of irrational behavior

What I think: I love these “social economics” books but I felt like I’d read this one before.

What’s it about: We don’t make decisions rationally. We decide things based on environment, emotion, circumstance, culture…

What’s my key takeaway? If I find myself in an unusual situation – don’t panic.

Notable quote: We don’t have ATC clearance.

What else? If you’re French or Russian you can’t trust the audience of Who wants to be a Millionaire. That part was interesting.

How I became a famous novelist5. How I became a famous novelist

What I think: This was the best fiction book I’ve read in a long long time.

What’s it about: The title is the story

What’s my key takeaway? There is art in flippancy.

Notable quote: I decided to become a famous novelist.

What else: The long tail reward of becoming a famous novelist is in the long tail, not the fame.

6. Rework

What I think: It was a good book, an easy and fast read.

What’s it about: Whatever your father’s way of doing business was, its gone, its wrong it doesn’t work that way anymore.

What’s my key takeaway: The future is here, but the past has a lot of momentum.

Notable quote: Don’t outspend. Out teach.

What else: Think. Be aware. Ask why you’re doing it this way and why doing it at all.

7. Spent

What I think: I not sure if this is a marketing book, a sociology book or a psychology book, but it was entertaining

What’s it about? Marketing is central to culture.

What’s my key takeaway? People want to things: 1) to show off and 2) to self stimulate.

Notable quote: Marketing has become the most dominant force in human culture.

What else: We have six central traits: General intelligence, openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, stability and extraversion. What we buy reveals who we think we are.

8. 18 minutes

What I think. This is the most entertaining time management book I’ve read.

What’s it about: It’s about getting things done (but David Allen owns that title).

What’s my key takeaway: Stop and think on a regular basis about what you’re doing and if it is a priority

Notable quote: The trick is to choose your focus deliberately and then consistently remind yourself throughout the day.

What else: Pursue your passion

9. Poke the box

What I think: Seth Godin is always a pleasure

What’s it about: When was the last time you took a chance.

What’s my key takeaway: Do things differently

Notable quote: Reject the tyranny of the picked. Pick yourself.

What else: Starbucks originally didn’t sell coffee. It sold beans.

10. The Millionaire Mind

What I think: I was expecting something more useful, not a book on positive self talk.

What’s it about: Reprogram your mind to get rich and stay rich.

What’s my key takeaway: Making a lot of money as a real estate developer does not give you the right to write a self-help business book.

Notable quote: “I have a millionaire mind”.

What else: I should pay more attention to who is recommending books

11. The confession

What I think: It was an OK beach book and I was in Dominican Republic when I read it.

What’s it about: An excon confesses to a old crime to save an innocent man from execution.

What’s my key takeaway: Grisham is still good but I’ve moved on.

Notable quote: “I’ve been in prison half my life and now I’m going to die”.

What else: I find it hard to read books where I don’t like any of the characters.


Updated February 27, 2013. I don’t think I’ll update anymore. This is a real estate blog after all.

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