Where is the best place to be if there is a Zombie Apocalypse (and how does that relate to real estate)?



Where is the best place to be if there is a Zombie Apocalypse (and how does that relate to real estate)? I don’t know why I think of these things, but the question popped into my mind this morning, maybe because I’ve been watching the Walking Dead on Netflix.

Possible Answer: On a boat, in the ocean.

Reason: Zombies can’t sail.

And even if they can sail, you’d have a much better chance to either outrun them, or fight them off, especially if you were to create a convoy with a lot of other boats. Taking this idea a little further, with the other boats you could attack a small island and kill all the zombies there and set up a new society.

Conversely, where is the worst place to be during a zombie apocalypse?

Possible answer: I think in the middle of a large city. There you can be attacked from all sides and eventually you will be overrun.

As I am always thinking about sales and marketing (and rarely about zombies), the best place to be if you have a product or service to offer is in the middle of a large crowd of, not zombies, but potential customers. What you want is maximum exposure.

But where do potential future real estate clients gather? Almost everyone is potentially a client for a Realtor, unless they are that small minority who would rather rent or live in a yurt.

Maximum exposure! Maybe that’s why advertising on buses seems so attractive to me. They are all over town possible exposing me, the Realtor, to all potential clients.

I guess thats why I like the internet and blogging so much as well. My chance of being found by potential customers is high, the internet is everywhere and most importantly where the people are looking.

As an aside, the problem of real estate marketing is, I think, that the buying cycle is so long that you cannot effectively market your services to your potential clients when they need you. Instead, a Realtor has to be top of mind when a home buyer or seller decides to buy or sell a home. That is often sometime between soon and years away.

To bring this idea full circle, I guess a lot of Realtor marketing is like zombie behavior. We gather together with ads in real estate magazines and newspapers, looking pretty much alike, seeking out blindly for new customers, with basically the same messages. Also, like zombies, we react slowly to change and are easily fooled by the living.

Ok, enough about zombies. If you’re interested in buying or selling a home within the next year to 18 months, please contact me and I’ll help you avoid the common mistakes that many people make.

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