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free home evaluationWe were talking about Free Home Evaluations last week in a blog post I wrote about a well-known Kitchener Waterloo Realtor and his dubious sales methods. With that in mind, we thought we’d continue with and idea of being found when people in Kitchener Waterloo were searching for that kind of service. We set up a site just for that (and perhaps a bit of blogging about local issues).

We do CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) and Free Home Evaluations all the time. They are a fundamental part of our service. We take it for granted that people know this. But maybe they don’t, we thought. We better tell them.

We do Free Home Evaluations.

We provide Comparative Market Analysis of your home so we know how to price it.

We show you all of our work so you know we are not just pulling the numbers out of thin air (or some other place). We discuss time to sell. We will give you helpful hints and opinions on how to make your home more saleable. We do all this as part of our Free Home Evaluations.

It’s free. That’s a sweet deal, eh?

Please visit our site. If you or anyone you know wants to find out how much their home is worth in today’s market, the first step is as easy and filling in a few blanks.

Our approach to the real estate business is to offer great service with no pressure. You can cancel at any time without any charge. We like working with first-time home buyers, sharing our knowledge about homes and neighborhoods as well as development and transportation issues. We also do a lot of work with buyers and sellers that are already in the market and are making a move to their next home.

If you would like a free home evaluation, please contact me now.
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