Three ways that buying a house is like the Big Lebowski

BigThe Big Lebowski is a Coen brothers movie released in 1998 staring Jeff Bridges as “the Dude” a Los Angeles slacker. The Coen Brothers movies are quirky and almost all of them are entertaining and memorable. I’m a big fan.

As a Realtor, real estate is always top of mind and even when relaxing, my mind tends to wander into real estate. I was watching The Big Lebowski recently.

I can compare it to buying a house like this:

Central to the plot of the movie The Big Lebowski is a little rug (that gets peed on) that “really tied the room together”. It’s a case of mistaken identity and The Dude goes looking for compensation. With houses (as with life), it can be little things that make it or break it for the seller/buyer. Just like the rug tying the room together, the curb appeal, the color of the walls, the lack of closet space can become the tipping point. Most buyers are looking for a reason not to buy your house.

The movie had several story lines and was ultimately a mystery (who kidnapped Bunny?) a comedy (one of my favorite parts is when the little cops says we found your car but your Credence tape is still missing) and a tragedy (Donny’s death by heart attack), at least it had these elements. I’m not a movie critic. I’m a Realtor. House shopping has its highs and lows too, there’s a lot happening, its an ongoing human drama with loads of emotional elements, sometimes a comedy, often a drama. There is always a lot more going on than appears on the surface.

The Big Lebowski has a great cast of characters: a millionaire, a cowboy, a Vietnam veteran, an artist, character types that you don’t come across everyday. In real estate too, we have your Realtor, your banker or mortgage broker, inspector, lawyer, insurance agent…if you watch carefully, they’re all a little quirky too.

And with real estate, just like the move, it all works out in the end. Life goes on. The story finds its conclusion (whatever that is). The Dude abides.


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