Statistically speaking in Waterloo Region

Waterloo RegionStatistically speaking in Waterloo Region if there is one place you don’t want to be on any given Friday in October at 5pm it is on the corner of Ottawa Street and Homer Watson Boulevard. Chances are high that you’ll be involved in a rear-end collision.

According to statistics compiled for 2011:

Most collisions happened on Fridays

Most happened in October

5 p.m. was the most common collision time

Most were rear-end collisions


Reported collisions involving intoxicated drivers decreased slightly to 1.5% from 2% in 2010

There were six collisions with horse-drawn vehicles. The same as the past two years

The number of collisions increased 4% from 5809 to 6031

There were 6,031 collisions injuring 1,379 people (38 more than 2010).

16 people died in 15 accidents, double the deaths in 2010 and more than triple the number in 2007

151 pedestrians were involved in collisions, up from 119 the year before and 122 in 2007.


Top 10 collision hot spots:

Ottawa Street at Homer Watson Boulevard

King Street at Fountain Street in Cambridge

University Avenue between Regina Street and Weber Street

Franklin Boulevard at Can Amera Parkway

Courtland Avenue/Fairway Road at Manitou Drive

King Street at University Avenue

Eagle Street between Hespeler and Industrial Road

Franklin Boulevard at Elgin Street/Saginaw Parkway

King Street at Fairway Road

Homer Watson Boulevard at Manitou/Doon Village Road



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