Make your home easy to buy. It’s what I always say

easy to buy

Make your home easy to buy. It’s what I always say.

Because I’m a Realtor and real estate blogger, I’m also an avid reader of real estate news, financial and developmental news and real estate blogs. I recently happened across a blog of someone selling their home. They are not enjoying the interruptions to their daily life. They have security concerns and they seem very put out by the whole process.


It’s bad enough that we have to put up with having our house key in a sh!#y little lockbox out on our front porch, but the thing that really pisses me off is that I keep coming home to find the lockbox with the dials sitting ON THE F*^#!^G COMBINATION.

Also, I have a shit tonne of freelance work to do today, and there are showings scattered throughout the day, so I doubt I’ll get very much work done. Oh well, I guess I should be happy, since we really need to sell this house. Fingers crossed that one of today’s viewers falls in love with it and buys it. Better yet, ALL of them. And they all have a bidding war.


Just when I thought I couldn’t get anymore upset about this whole real estate situation, two things happened today.

First, I went out for lunch to wait out a showing, and came home to find the f^(#!&g back door open. I don’t recall if it was actually locked or not, but I didn’t have to turn the handle, just lightly pulled on the door and it was open.

Secondly, I came home just now after another showing, and was inside maybe 10 seconds when the doorbell rang, and the realtor who’d made the appointment was standing there with people. She claimed she’d made an appointment for an hour. I told her it was for a half hour. She held up a piece of paper — as if a note scrawled in her own handwriting was proof enough — and insisted it was for an hour. I was already getting pissed off because I hate confrontation, so I just said “FINE” and left. I immediately called my realtor and sure enough, this woman was in the wrong.

I f^(#!%g hate this. This place isn’t home anymore. At least not MY home. 🙁


Obviously this blogger is not enjoying the process of selling his home. It’s not easy keeping your home neat and clean and it’s not fun having to get out for an hour (or even half an hour) at a time. He should talk to his realtor about his security concerns. Perhaps the Realtor could be present for all showings (we’ve done this).

Having said this, as a Realtor, one of the things I always tell my clients is “make your home easy to buy”. That means allow showings when they want to show. The showing process is what it is. My advice is price your home to sell. Make it easy to buy.

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