We have a problem

over communicate

We have a problem. The seller’s sister was a real estate agent fifteen years ago and she has a lot of questions for us.

Why haven’t you done an all agents open house?

Why haven’t you done an all office open house?

Why aren’t you advertising in the newspaper every week?

Why don’t you put your open house signs out on Saturday morning for the Sunday afternoon open house?

A lot of questions, some of them excellent.

We have a meeting and review our game plan for getting this house sold, our marketing plan, what we have done so far, what we’ve learned, the feedback we’ve gotten, the market statistics, what to expect over the coming weeks, suggestions…and because we do this for a living we think we know how the real estate game works.

The problem is not the sister.

The problem is that we have failed to communicate. We haven’t been clear with all the things we’re doing to get this house sold. We haven’t checked in with the sellers often enough. We’ve taken what we are doing for granted. We haven’t explained what we are doing and why we are doing it that way. We haven’t checked in often enough.

I was reading a book recently that said most people think they communicate enough but no one really does.

We have to strive to over communicate. That that way we are probably communicating enough.

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