The swimming pool story – part two


Swimming pool company A never called back. So that’s it. They’re out. If you can’t return a call within a week how good are you at putting in a pool?

Company B I knocked out at the suggestion of a friend. (see part one)

Pool company C called the afternoon of the following day, saying before anything else that they were really busy and could’t put in a pool until the spring. After a short discussion he decided to call me “later” to arrange a time to come by for a quote.

Pool company D called the next evening. On the phone, he scheduled the following Saturday to come by have a look at the site and give me some information. He told me the difference between a fiberglass and a vinyl liner pool is the difference between $30,000 and $40,000. I also found out from pool company D that its nearly impossible to finance a pool. The rates are criminally high. His words “criminally high”. I like that.

Pool company C called again in the afternoon a few days later. I was busy and couldn’t answer the phone so I let it go to voicemail. Later, I played the message that said he was going to be in the neighborhood later that afternoon and if I was at home would like to talk to me about my pool plans. If I could’t be home he’d just leave the information in my mailbox, which is exactly what he did.

The information though professionally packaged contained no pricing information, just a couple of brochures and diagrams with pictures of pools, shapes of pools and a couple of brochures with close up sexy shots of motors.


I’m a tough customer. Pool company C gets a B for effort. I’m sure he’s very busy right now but he has to ask himself, “What’s a customer worth?” and “How can I land this fish?”

Maybe he’s just letting out some line, waiting to set the hook.


To be continued…

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