How much a swimming pool cost?

About $40,000 all in with the gas and electrical, the digging, grading, landscaping, and the fence. That’s about as cheaply as you can do it for a quality pool. That, I think is too much. I know we’d get a lot of enjoyment out of having a pool, especially during a summer like the one we just had, but now that it is winding down, it’s cool in the morning, the day is shorter and the evening begins sooner, the pool idea has been explored and researched and investigated and now it’s over.

If I were rich, I’d have a pool. If I was a movie star I’d have a pool. Otherwise, as a Realtor I know its a bad investment. You never make that money back.

For now though, we are leaving our options open, not putting a garage in this winter as planned, leaving access to the backyard open just in case I can make an extra $40,000 over the winter selling real estate.

I learned a lot in the process and not what I expected to learn. I learned that 90% of the pools that get put in have vinyl linings. I learned that salt water systems are expensive and not easy-peasey as advertised to maintain.

And I learned again how I like to buy. When I call someone, I like them to call me back. I like to make an appointment to meet to go over options and details in a non-threatening consultative way. I need lots of time and space to make my decision and I like to know that my pool installer will take the time to do a professional job. My feeling is this, “how you do anything is how you do everything” so you’d better do a good job in the selling part if you want to do the pool building part.

This is a way of thinking that I’ve developed in my real estate business.

For the record, if we do put in a pool, pool company D is the guy. He called me right back, he showed up on time and he gave straight answers. If you want to know who I’d choose, just send me an email and I’ll tell you who (I think) is best.

If you’re looking for a Realtor who might be saving up for a pool, please give me a call. I’m motivated.

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