My quest for a back yard pool contractor


The addition on our home is almost done. We’ve moved all the work outside and are considering the patio, garage and landscaping. Because the garage will cut off the backyard, it’s time to consider for the last time a swimming pool.

We’ve already spent about $150,000 with this addition and renovations. I’ve cashed in my investments and most of my RRSPs. Why not add a pool as well? I always say that real estate is a great investment. Here’s me putting my money where my mouth is.

Where to start researching pool contractors? Where did I start?

The internet, of course.

I googled “swimming pools Kitchener Waterloo” and found a couple of familiar names. One of the names I knew because before I was a real estate agent I sold advertising for Grand magazine. It’s a lifestyle magazine distributed to certain neighborhoods in the right demographic in Waterloo Region. I had tried unsuccessfully to sell this pool company – I’ll call pool company A – advertising and only got the run around, the put off, the pass down and a lot of maybes.

I called pool company A first. I talked to the girl who answered the phone and left my name and number for a call back. On the phone, I found out a few things about fiberglass pools. I found out that I was looking at $1500 per foot of length is the pricing rule of thumb. We just want a small pool, more of a focal point and meeting place than an exercise splash happy kid’s wave pool. 20 feet x $1500 = $30,000.

So far so good.

I called a friend who has a pool. She said pool company B, although the cheapest in town should be avoided. “If you want shoddy work done poorly, call them”, she said. She recommended pool company C and pool company D. I stroked swimming pool company B off the list.

I called both pool company C and D.

The next morning, I haven’t heard back from swimming pool companies A, B or C. I’ve noticed with contractors, trades and other service providers that they often don’t back to you within a couple of hours, a day or a week. In my business, the real estate business, good and prompt service is necessary not only for keeping clients happy, but for winning the great houses away from other bidders, so naturally I’m not impressed.


To be continued…

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