Burgers and neighbourhoods

burgersI’d like to start out this post by saying two things. I had a hamburger, fries and a light and refreshing pale ale for lunch on a patio in downtown Kitchener today and that neighborhoods are not alike and the best neighborhoods are constantly evolving as their residents move through life’s different stages. The two idea’s are related and related in a way that is one of my favorite topics of thought and conversation – choice.

Choice. It’s a burger, it’s a house but beyond that it’s up to you how you want it.

First the hamburger. Like many men (and some women) I love hamburgers. Of all the food I eat, the number of hamburgers I consume on an average yearly basis is only surpassed by the number of peanut butter on toast that I have, and that I have almost everyday for breakfast. One day last spring, I had three hamburgers in three days in a row. I thought at the time, “this can’t be healthly”, but I’m still here (and I look great).

This week I’ve had two hamburgers.

There are so many kinds of hamburgers now and we have some great choices with Frat Burger, the Works Burger and the Grill not to mention almost half of all the other restaurants and bars in town. The hamburger I had today was at Bobby O’Brien’s and was pretty much a classic – a thick beef patty, lettuce, tomato and cheese on a big bun.

The reason I don’t mind eating burgers everyday is that they are all different. The burger has evolved and changed from something simple to something of many great things. The other day I had peppercorns on my burger. That was at Works Burger and that was pretty good.

Neighborhoods are varied as well. Some neighborhoods don’t have any children (or very few), some have great landscaping and others have a cool a funky vibe. Neighborhoods reflect the people who live in them. Are they downsizing empty nesters, newly married children on the way, urbanites, suburbanites…it doesn’t matter because just like burgers there is a home for everyone.

If you’re looking for a great place to live that suits you now and will likely still suit you in ten to fifteen years, please call or email. I know neighborhoods like I know burger joints.


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