Ten more things I learned on my trip to BC

Ten more things I learned on my trip to BC

#11 Another thing I noticed in BC is that BC people are good citizens. They know the rules and follow them (except for the honor system to ride the sky train — but money is involved there and BC people can’t afford the $3.50). At pedestrian crossings (zebra crossings) feel free to walk right out without looking – the drivers always stop. Always.

The City of Vancouver is planning to try out pedestrian scrambles (X-crossings) like they have in Japan. That’s cool. We should try them here.

Another thing about rules. BC recycles. If you don’t recycle they fine you. BC people don’t like to get fined.

#12 A viagra got stuck in my throat. I’ve had a stiff neck for days. All kidding aside, I can’t turn my neck in a certain way. I blame Air Canada for delaying our plane until 3:30 in the morning. Sleeping in departure lounges and airplane seats does not agree with me.

#13 BC people drive slower than Ontarians. They say the police hide in the bushes but if you can tell a good story you will get off with a warning. There have been numerous accidents on the Malahat (a mountain highway north of Victoria) so now there is a concrete barrier between the lanes.

#14 It’s damp, but not humid. It’s not hot enough to be humid, just damn damp.

#15 Some things never change. When I lived in Victoria (1990 &’91) my favorite restaurant was a hip urban diner that sold breakfast all day, had good prices and a line up for brunch on weekends – John’s Place. It’s still there on Pandora Street, still serving up “create your own omelet”. One of the waiters is still there too – Rodney. I asked him if he was the same guy from 20 years ago and he said. “Yeah, I’m a part time actor but when I’m not acting, I’m here”. I like that.

#16 Vancouver and Victoria are both good “walkable” cities. It takes about two hours to bicycle around Stanley Park and back to the bike rental place, so that would be about a six hour walk!

#17 Fish flakes aren’t bad on a hotdog. If you’re in Vancouver, visit Japadog. I had the Okonomi.

#18 Houses are built on rocks. My sisters house is on a rock. My parents house is on a rock. They don’t have basements. As a result, they don’t know what man caves are and don’t store a lot of extra junk in their houses.

#19 Bring me a shrubbery. Hedges are high and thick. Trees are too. They have a different kind of grass. Its softer, greener and somewhat rubbery. I’m not kidding. BC is the land of tall hedges and rubber grass.

#20 Oh deer, (cougars, bears and rabbits). We saw a deer almost everyday. They hop, hop, hop down the road and then disappear into the forest.

When hiking, the BC people tell you to be on the look out for bear and cougars. They sometime attack.

The University of Victoria had a problem with rabbits. A couple years ago, they removed 900 rabbits from the campus. We visited the campus and didn’t see any rabbits. We saw a deer though.

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