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I like to write. I like language. I have for a long time. When I was traveling many years ago, across this globe, overland with all the time in the world, I had some notebooks and pens and I’d scribble away at odd times, like when waiting for my morning tea and toast in an Indian restaurant in a dusty desert town (I think it was Jodhpur) or in flophouse hotel rooms, train stations and odd places where travelers find time to connect with their thoughts.

I’ve wondered often why there isn’t a short word to describe monosyllabic and why there isn’t another word for thesaurus. I’ve considered lately why if two mouses are mice then why aren’t two houses hice. I’ve taught English and learned much in the process about grammar and parts of speech. And I’ve learned Mandarin Chinese and through that experience learned to love art (not Garfunkel but the visual and sometimes phonetic kind).

Having said all that, writing interesting copy for real estate ads and feature sheets is an art in itself. It’s a constant challenge to tell a story about a storey and a half located near St Mary’s Hospital and a four bedroom back split in Forest Heights with new hardwood flooring throughout. I struggle with the proper language to describe the lifestyle you’ll enjoy while living in LeMarches Residences in downtown Kitchener. Its not enough to say that I’ve never seen a higher walkscore (90/100). I have convey the feeling to make you feel cosmopolitan and hip in your nine foot high ceiling 1300 square foot urban home.

For my part, I do my best to avoid jargon. I don’t say “sliders” instead of “sliding doors” as in “sliders to backyard paradise” and I don’t say “backyard paradise” unless it truly is the fabled Shangri La which is clearly isn’t ‘cause I’m still here doing this, writing copy for blog posts, realtor.ca, feature sheets…

We currently have four downtown listings: Duke Street, Mansion Street, Simeon Street and Mary Street. Many people think they want to live downtown. This should be easy.

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