Canada’s economy is just great

There is so much bad economic news in the newspaper: China’s economy is going to falter, Greece is sinking and taking the rest of Europe with it and of course our neighbor to the south (who believes Canada is just a cover band of America) USA is continues to suck big time. (I think thats the proper economic phrase.) But what about us? What about the Great White North?

According to the Financial Post and our economics buddies at RBC, Canada will miss out on most of the global turbulence and record healthy growth this year.

Hot dog.

We’ve got nothing to worry about. The RBC’s new quarterly forecast anticipates the economy will rebound (after a slow start to the year) to 3.1% growth during the second quarter, which ends in June, and record a 2.6% gross domestic product gain overall for both 2012 and 2013.

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