Life was simpler when I wasn’t a realtor


I was complaining the other day about the life of a Realtor and how I had to work weekends and evenings. But then I thought about all the rest of you poor working souls, working for a living, working for the man, and I thought being a Realtor really isn’t that much different.

It used to be that if you carried a lunch box or a briefcase, at 5 o’clock you’d go home and enjoy your non-work life, your leisure life, the rewards of the day. Life was very structured back then. We had a real separation from work and life. You worked when you worked and then you didn’t when you didn’t.

I remember about seven or eight years ago (before I was a realtor) when the company I worked for gave me a blackberry. I remember thinking “I’m not important enough to need a Blackberry” (and I wasn’t). But quickly I realized that it was a work tool that meant I could always be working. It was important for my company that I always be working.

As a real estate agent, there is always more I can be doing. With social media, there is always one more tweet to tweet, one more blog post to write, one more link to read. There’s always another email, another feature sheet, offer, meeting, another phone call.  You’re never finished.

And that’s the way the world is, not just for Realtors but for most everyone. We are battling the possibilities of endless tasks. We have to choose wisely what to do and when to do it and while we focus on the task at hand we cannot lose sight of the big picture.

We were brought up, taught to finish our homework, the food on our plate and our chores. Today, we’re never finished, and that’s okay. We have to realize that we will never be done and we have to be OK with having work wait for us.

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