Waterloo Region School Rankings 2011

IMG_2441_2The Waterloo Region School rankings for 2011 were released earlier this week and as always I was keenly interested in my kids school as well as other schools around the region. There are too many to keep track of in my head, but at open houses and with people moving into Waterloo Region the questions often come up “How’s the local school?”, “Is it a good school?”, “Where is the best school in Waterloo Region?”.

There have been many changes again this year compared to 2010, and 2009 although some schools moved up and some moved down the list, to a large degree top schools remain at the top and not so good schools still languish near the bottom.


Update: Where are the best schools (2013)


Elementary Schools in Waterloo

In the City of Waterloo the top five Elementary Schools are: Mary Johnson, St Agnes, Laurelwood, Mere Elisabeth Bruyere and Lexington. All of these schools are up from their position ranking last year. At the top of the top five, Mary Johnson is ranked 9, up from 8.2 last year. At the bottom of the top five, Lexington is ranked 8, up from 7.6 last year.

In Waterloo at the bottom of the list we find Empire, Sir Edgar Bauer, Westvale, Sundown and Lincoln heights. All have fallen in the rankings. Their rankings range from 6.8 to 5.2.


Elementary Schools in Kitchener

In Kitchener the top five Elementary Schools are: Smithson, Cardinal Leger, Lackner Woods, St Anne and Blessed Sacrament. Like the top schools in Waterloo, they are all up in rankings from last year. Smithson is at 8.2, up from 6.7 last year.

At the bottom of the Kitchener list we find: Alpine, King Edward, Rockway, Queen Elizabeth and Pioneer Park. Their rankings range from 4 to 2.6


Elementary Schools in Cambridge

In Cambridge the top five Elementary Schools are: St Elizabeth, Woodland Park, Hillcrest, Mother Theresa, and Blair Road. They rank 8.1 to 6.7.

At the bottom of the list are: St Margaret, Central, Stewart Avenue, St Michael, and St Peter, ranging from 3.7 to 1.3.


Secondary Schools in Waterloo Region

In the Waterloo District School Board’s Secondary Schools, we find a wide range with Sir John A Macdonald in Waterloo ranked at the top again this year at 7.9 and Jacob Hespeler at the bottom with 4.9. The top five high schools in Waterloo Region are: Sir John A Macdonald, Elmira, Waterloo, Bluevale, and Preston.

In the Catholic Board, there are only five Secondary Schools. They are ranked: Resurrection, St David, St Mary’s, St Benedict, and Monsignor Doyle.


The Frazier Institute 

Every year, the Fraser Institute reports on Schools and Hospitals across Canada. For a complete list of schools and where they rank please vista their website. The Fraser Institute’s motto is “If it matters…measure it.”

Many people, including myself, believe that a good education is important for the future of our children. If your children are of school age and you’re moving into Waterloo Region, or if you already live in the region, choose a home near a good school. It’s worth it.


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Sheppard Public School and it’s East Ward neighbourhood

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