What I’ve learned from Seth Godin


As both a long time marketer and blogger, one of my favorite daily reads is Seth Godin. He wrote the other day that he was picking out the mat for a framed photo and there were a thousand colors to choose from. The framer uttered the scary invocation, “It’s completely up to you” putting the choice back to him.

That’s a problem.

We live in a very complicated world, full of choice. We are forced to make decisions all the time, everyday. Some are easy (until this week) “large double double”, and some, like picking out a mat for a picture frame or buying or selling a house are more difficult.

Maybe these are more difficult because there is more to lose if you guess wrong and the fact that you don’t make decisions like this everyday, you don’t have the experience and enough information to be comfortable in deciding.

I meet and talk to people every week that look for houses on their own. I think that’s great, we have the tools (like MLS) and the opportunity (like open houses) to educate ourselves about the Kitchener Waterloo real estate market. Although it would be easier to hire an agent right from the start its another of these decisions that are difficult because we make them so rarely.

How do I find an agent?

What do I look for in an agent?

What do agents do that I can’t do for myself?

Anytime we do something we don’t normally do, we’re on a voyage of discovery. We have to move along the the rocky coast of the learning curve, educating ourselves. We have to make little decisions that will help us make the big one.

Seth Godin goes on, “If you think you have no choice but to do what you do now, you’ve already made a serious error.”

Sooner or later, when you buy or sell a home, there is a 90% chance at least one realtor will be involved. If you are comfortable enough to find yourself a trusted advisor early, you can learn what you need to know a lot faster. After all, your decision is completely up to you.

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