Property values along the Kitchener Waterloo LRT route to rise

LRT routeWill property values along the Kitchener Waterloo LRT route to rise? Oh yea.

Waterloo city councilors last week decided on the final route of our upcoming LRT.

As the picture shows, we’ve decided to turn at the spur line instead of turning at the corner of King and Erb as originally proposed. This makes sense. It’s more of a natural turn. The only issue now is keeping pedestrians off the tracks as it cuts through the parking lot on the north side of the waterloo town square.

I lived in Taipei Taiwan during the most of the 90‘s. Vast stretches of the city were under construction as they installed the first six MRT lines. When the construction was over and the system opened, it quickly changed the way Taipei felt. We were instantly a cosmopolitain city, not a second rate Asian urban disaster.

Property values rose along the line by about 25%. I’d bet the same thing will happen in Kitchener Waterloo. If I was buying a home in Kitchener Waterloo in the next year to 18 months, I’d consider being within 500 meters of the LRT.

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