25 ways to get ready for moving day

  1. moving houseNotify the post office of change of address
  2. Notify utilities when to discontinue service
  3. Make arrangements in advance for all services at your new home
  4. Make moving arrangements in as far as advance as possible
  5. If moving in cold weather, articles subject of freezing should not be shipped via moving van.
  6. Carry with you jewelry and valuable papers. Movers will not accept responsibility for articles of extraordinary value
  7. Arrange to have your stove disconnected. Your washer and dryer should be disconnected and serviced before moving
  8. Arrange your television and internet cable service to be disconnected
  9. Unless credit has been arranged, your mover will require certified check or cash on delivery
  10. Be sure to notify the Ministry of Transportation of your change of address
  11. Notify your doctor, dentist and vet
  12. Let your kid’s schools know where to forward your children’s school records
  13. Dispose of old articles that you no longer require.
  14. If possible, try to move at other times than the beginning and the end of the month when all movers are the busiest
  15. Make sure to have all items being cleaned repaired or stored returned before moving
  16. Notify the newspaper and other subscriptions
  17. Arrange the transfer your bank account to your new location
  18. If you’re moving into a new home in a new subdivision, check to see that the driveway and roads are accessible to the moving van
  19. Remove trays, food and other things loose in the refrigerator and stove
  20. It is not necessary to empty dresser drawers but remove all fragile and heavy items and all liquids
  21. Power tools such as lathes, saws, and grinders should be dismantled for safe moving
  22. Defrost refrigerator the day before moving
  23. Be sure to drain such items as outboard motors and lawnmowers
  24. Any fixture fastened by screw or track etc. should be taken down for the movers
  25. Hire reliable movers 
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