The old Tin Roof Donuts, Korean/Japanese grocery store at King and Victoria Streets razed to make way for transportation hub (Intermodal Station)

Kitchener loses another iconic building. It’s not Barra Castle this time, or one of the Tannery buildings. It’s more like losing the rusty water tower up on St. George Street, a throw back to simpler times.

For as long as I can remember, in prime location, at the corner of King and Victoria, the unofficial start of downtown Kitchener, has stood an iconic A-frame.

When we first moved to Kitchener, it was still the Tin Roof Donuts, a rundown remnant of when the neighborhood shoe and related factories were in operation – the local coffee shop hang out.

Changing to reflect demographic shifts in our community it became a Korean Japanese Grocery store (about six or seven years ago).

I’m sad now to say that I never stepped foot inside the building. We’ve lost a little bit of history. But we are on to bigger and greater things.

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