Fairway Road Bridge ahead of schedule

Some people who live in Idlewood, Chicopee and Stanley Park think the area will get busier and noisier. And that’s bad for the area, as many were already affected when the Waterloo Regional Airport was expanded and their homes are buzz bombed on a regular basis from low flying, propeller driven flyboys.

There are other residents in the area that believe that their property values will increase. They think the Fairway Road extension and new bridge over the Grand River (the first one in fifty years) connecting Kitchener to Cambridge, Guelph and the 401 will be a bonus and a great selling feature for homes in this south-east corner of Kitchener.

I think they’re both right.

Either way, one thing is certain – so far, so good, the $50 million project is ahead of schedule. By the fall of next year, we’ll all be good to go.


Link to artist drawing here.

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