Elvis, Angie’s, and hidden Tupperware, last week on 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo

When's easterLast week on 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo, we started out the week by attending the psychic fair and met with readers, healers, aura photographers, and mediums of the regular kind. Then, we saw Elvis at the Kitchener Aud and witnessed a stellar cast perform the strongest and most artistic aspects of figure skating.

We went out for breakfast at Angie’s Kitchen in uptown Waterloo. They’ve been serving up Western omelets since before Waterloo was a Region.

Speaking of which, Leadership Waterloo Region had an information session for those of us who are passionate about our community and would like to expand our network and even develop our leadership skills. You never can have too many skills, networks or passions, eh?

Geo-caching was our next thing to do, so using my iPhone as a GPS navigator we searched Waterloo Park for a Tupperware container with a pencil and notebook inside. We left a special token of our appreciation.

Freedom to read week is coming up and Forest Heights Library had a display of altered books to view. Looks to me like we might need a Book Protection Association.

Around the offices of 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo we sipped tea and talked about all the shoveling we did recently, the idiots on the road, how eating a lot of fruit affects you digestive system. I complained about giving up sugar and how much I missed it. I threatened to move into a condo (again). Basically it was business as usual. The days are getting longer. Some days, it sure seems that way. I’m getting cabin fever. Who wants to meet for coffee and a bagel?

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