When buying a Kitchener Waterloo condo, how small is too small?

As we are planning on downsizing into a condo in Waterloo or maybe Kitchener (or perhaps Cambridge), we are considering how much space we have to give up. A lot. But we’ve lived in small spaces before, in Taipei and Hong Kong, (and once on a houseboat in Bobcaygeon) so adjustments will be made to make way for a new lifestyle.

What you lose on the swings, you make up on the merry-go-round.

But as I was thinking about living space, I remembered the world’s smallest house (in Toronto) was up for sale earlier this year. At 329 square feet, it is smaller than most bachelor apartments (but has three bedrooms). I don’t know if it sold or not, but next time I’m in Toronto, 128 Day Avenue is on my route.

The little house has it’s own website.

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