Sold by Keith Marshall, 140 year-old stone house in Galt.

grand aveI love old homes.

They have personality, history and attract a certain kind of people. I loved holding open houses at this home in particular.

146 Grand Avenue sold last week. Although everyone is happy to be starting the next phases of their lives; the new owners, the old owners, and this Realtor, it is with some sadness that I won’t be hosting any more open houses here.

It’s a great house.

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  1. says: Christine

    As the new owner, I can say you’re right, it is a great house!
    Keith I think you did a wonderful job in marketing it. I’m not sure if it was your warm greeting or the smell of scented air fresheners
    at your open house, that inspired us to make our largest purchase within 3 minutes. We knew we wanted this house, and we hadn’t even seen the second floor. You did a great job! It was your You Tube video that made us want to see the house originally.


  2. Thanks Christine for your kind comments. I love holding open houses. It’s the best part of of my job!
    You guys are the perfect buyers for this great old house.I knew you were going to buy it. I just knew it! And I’m glad you did.

  3. Also
    I have to credit the sellers for first bringing the house up to such a fine state, a ten-year labour of love. The scented candles and “staging” ideas were all theirs. All i did was show up about the right time.

  4. says: Barbara

    Keith thank you so much for being so involved in selling my sisters house. You took the time to get to know who she was and how much she loved this house and how much the intire family loves this house. We will especially miss the built in bay it was a common gathering area for everyone. We have many many wonderful memories and I hope the new family will enjoy this home as much as we will miss it. We are looking forward to making new memories at her new home you helped her find. Thanks angain Keith you are the best. Barb and kids

    1. Thanks Barb for your comments,

      I guess the thing I like best about real estate, is the people I meet and work with and help. Thanks for welcoming me into your family. it was great working with you. I’m confident that your sister and brother-in-law will be very happy with in their new home.

      Good luck with the move and Merry Christmas.


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