Kitchener’s Barra Castle now a pile of rubble.

barra rubbleMy office, Prudential Grand Valley Realty, is on Highland Road. It’s a nice office.

However, when given the choice, I prefer meeting clients in coffee shops. Williams at Kitchener City Hall and Maestro Café on King Street are two of my Kitchener favorites. I often drive down Queen Street past Barra Castle as a result.

They tore Barra Castle down last week. We lost a quirky but iconic building.

I stopped and took this picture.


  • Ian says:

    What a shame! I know that some people were working to try to save it and I am saddened to see that their efforts were not successful. I knew someone who lived there probably 20 years ago and it would have been fantastic to see it revived to its potential.

  • I know. Old buildings to me are like art. This one was just neglected and forgotten until it was too late.

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