Kitchener ranks 25th out of 50 in Ontario Safe Driving study

car crashBy analyzing car collision frequency, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada ranks communities and regions, to identify which communities have the safest drivers. The Ontario Safe Driving Study spans a three-year period from 2006-2009 and offers a comparison to the same data from 2003-2006. According to that data, Kitchener ranks 25th and Cambridge 23rd safest cities to drive in Ontario (Waterloo was not included in the study).

The study included:
Communities with at least 900 cars insured by Allstate over the three-year period.
More than 25,000 collision claims paid out in each of the designated three-year periods.
Claims data limited to collisions for which there was a payout. ·
Survey data ranks frequency of crashes, not severity of crash.

The three safest places to drive in Ontario are: St. Thomas, Bellville and Chatham. The three most accident-prone communities are: Maple, Ajax and Thornhill.

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